Friday, March 19, 2010


Freelance writer Dianne Hardisty writes about Stacy Carlson, a native of Bakersfield, Calif., who signed on to be Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s speech writer in the closing months of the Bush administration. Her predecessor assured her that the office pace would be relatively slow and she would have lots of time to complete projects. Carlson was in for a rude surprise.

Early warning signs appeared in late 2007, but Paulson and others in the Bush administration believed the U.S. economy was in for just a “correction.” The warning signs grew, the correction turned into a crisis. And Carlson was tasked with turning Paulson’s words into clarity and reassurance for an increasingly frightened America.

Carlson writes in a plainspoken manner about her job, the efforts of Paulson and others to head off an economic meltdown, and the causes of the crisis in her first book, “You, Me & the U.S. Economy.”

Dianne Hardisty writes in The Bakersfield Californian how Carlson found herself in the eye of this economic storm. Read Diane Hardisty's story by clicking onto

Stacy Carlson is shown in photograph.

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